Considerations when choosing a Consultant

Early Years Consultants

Choosing an Early Years Consultant Early Years Consultants Choosing a Consultant
Interested in choosing an Early Years Consultant to support you in your setting?

Unsure of choosing a Consultant who will enable you to get the most out of your money?

We’ve all been in that position, so why not consider these 10 things when choosing an Early Years consultant…

  1. Early Years Consultants should have a solid background and experience in Early Years, if they aren’t sharing this information then read no further!
  2. Find out if the Early Years Consultant is still practising in Early Years themselves, this tells you the information they have will be up-to-date and relevant.
  3. Find out how do the Early Years Consultants keep up to date with industry changes and information about their own CPD
  4. Does the Early Years Consultant have a relevant qualification to teach adults? This helps you know that they will be able to support you and your team.
  5. Do they share your passion and drive? They should be at least as passionate as you are about quality improvement!
  6. Do they carry out training audits or analysis, to understand your overall needs? Spending time getting to know you and your setting is an important part of the process.
  7. Once you get a bit closer to choosing an Early Years Consultant for you make sure they will…
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  8. Help you identify the areas for improvement e.g. your overall quality, creating a more enabling environment or perhaps team leadership
  9. Give you a clear and precise quotation on what services they are providing for you (and a contract to go with it!)
  10. Their testimonials should demonstrate their ability to deliver the service – check that they are recent and relevant to your needs.
  11. They should be affiliated with a member organisation as this demonstrates a commitment in the service they provide.

Good luck choosing an Early Years Consultant (we really hope it is us!).