Direction of Travel – ELG’s

I realise that we are not all seated in the same vehicle. There are many different sizes and shapes, let alone colours. I have been quick to highlight anything that might be on the horizon when uttered by Amanda Spielman, even if it relates to school more than to Early Years. I have been of the opinion that,"The common inspection framework" is a key to the direction of travel, in which every vehicle you are travelling in is moving. So, … [Read more...]

What does Safeguarding mean in Inspection? An (ex) Inspectors insight…

There is nothing more important to the childcare industry than safeguarding.  Here are the things that inspectors will be looking for: Safeguarding means keeping children safe. This is divided into two clear parts, risks in the environment in which children play and learn and risks of abuse that may occur wherever children live and learn. Risks in the environment are found outside and indoors. Risks are not objects. Some risk assessments I … [Read more...]

How well are the Integrated Reviews going?

 NHS Digital and Ofsted collaborated on the Ages and Stages Questionnaire (ASQ-3) and analysed the results. They analysed data gathered following the two year old assessments that all nursery staff are very familiar with. Disappointingly only 12% of eligible children took part — but their outcomes were improving. When there is a smaller sample, statistical data can deliver variable results. They state, ‘limitations may apply to the … [Read more...]

Esther Gray’s 10 essential tips to ensuring a good inspection experience

As an Ofsted veteran of 16 years, I’ve conducted countless inspections and attended many tribunals regarding the Early Years sector of education. So I understand your fears at the thought of an inspection. When you meet the inspector for the first time you will have things in common that will help you have a good day. There will also be things that are unusual or less compatible. How you overcome these is an important part of having a successful … [Read more...]