How well are the Integrated Reviews going?

 NHS Digital and Ofsted collaborated on the Ages and Stages Questionnaire (ASQ-3) and analysed the results. They analysed data gathered following the two year old assessments that all nursery staff are very familiar with. Disappointingly only 12% of eligible children took part — but their outcomes were improving. When there is a smaller sample, statistical data can deliver variable results. They state, ‘limitations may apply to the … [Read more...]

Esther Gray’s 10 essential tips to ensuring a good inspection experience

As an Ofsted veteran of 16 years, I’ve conducted countless inspections and attended many tribunals regarding the Early Years sector of education. So I understand your fears at the thought of an inspection. When you meet the inspector for the first time you will have things in common that will help you have a good day. There will also be things that are unusual or less compatible. How you overcome these is an important part of having a successful … [Read more...]