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Effective Supervisions – Doing Your Homework

Effective supervisions are an important part of staff development, but in many settings, they are not used in a way that best supports staff.  Both the supervisor and supervisee need to be thoroughly prepared and motivated or the supervision just isn’t going to be effective. This means back to the good old days of Homework […]

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Effective Supervisions and Peer Observations

Effective supervisions and meaningful staff development are essential elements for every Outstanding Nursery or Pre-school. Achieving an effective supervision system is made even more difficult by the supervisions process being widely misunderstood and taking time out of our day that can ill be afforded. This short course is designed to be delivered to managers of staff […]

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Peer Observation in Early Years Settings

In an Early Years environment we believe that the most valuable resource we have is each other; after all, who wants to be limited by their own imagination? Is your nursery environment getting a bit repetitive? Are you trying to move forward with your professional development but you don’t really know where to go?  Does […]

Funding & Finance Support Workshop for Early Years

Funding & Finance Support Workshop to Minimise Losses in Early Years settings What has been said so far…  Fantastic! Light bulb moment of why I was losing money. By changing my fee structure I will lose less money. Really enjoyed the whole day. Very informative. Discussing Fee Structures with other providers. Giving me new ideas. […]

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Ofsted Ready: Out of School Clubs

This Ofsted Ready: Out of School Clubs course is aimed at all practitioners working or leading practice in an Out of School Club provision This will include stand-alone clubs or ones within a childcare setting. The new EYFS 2017 changes have made changes as to what the requirements are now – this course will explain […]