Risky Business: How do children manage risks?

We asked Esther Gray, our resident Ofsted expert, 'How should we be supporting children to manage risks in our settings?'  Here is what she said... Firstly - teach children to “Speak Out and Stay Safe”. It is abundantly clear that empowering every child to he heard is vital.  But, how can children manage risks if they don’t recognise the risk? You have a paramount responsibility to keep children in a safe and secure environment. Safety is … [Read more...]

Direction of Travel – ELG’s

I realise that we are not all seated in the same vehicle. There are many different sizes and shapes, let alone colours. I have been quick to highlight anything that might be on the horizon when uttered by Amanda Spielman, even if it relates to school more than to Early Years. I have been of the opinion that,"The common inspection framework" is a key to the direction of travel, in which every vehicle you are travelling in is moving. So, … [Read more...]

ELG’s Pilot – What are other’s thoughts

As you know there is a draft document of the Statutory Framework published and being piloted in 25 schools. Tricia has been reading around what others have been saying on this and you can see her thoughts here. … [Read more...]

STEM – What’s it all about?

I've been very excited recently as something important to me has started turning up in Early Years.  And by turning up, I mean I have started to see the term used in Ofsted reports and Early Years publications.  So what is it? (You should be able to guess from the blog title!) STEM in Early Years Settings STEM is simply an abbreviation for four subjects; Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths.  It's a term that has been used in schools for … [Read more...]

Blended Learning in Paediatric First Aid

Update: 24th April 2018 Since we wrote and published this blog, the HSE have changed the document that is referenced in the EYFS.  The new document states that blended learning is an accepted method of training for workplace first aid.  You can view the new version on the same link below, or here.  Point 24 is the one of interest. This is obviously a fundamental change to their policy, and one that may cause us to change our position on … [Read more...]