Plan a School Trip that Works for Everyone

The start of a new academic year means starting to plan the year’s school trips for many. This can be a daunting prospect, especially when the group includes children with SEND. I recently wrote an article for SENCO Magazine, which I hope will help many teachers faced with organising such outings, to plan and execute their visits efficiently and effectively. I have listed my top tips, which include: Researching and choosing your … [Read more...]

Schools Funding Formula Consultation

One has to question why the Schools funding formula consultation here, which has just a 6 week consultation period, including 2 weeks of the schools holiday, was pushed through so quickly and prior to the Early Years Funding Review. After all they are not looking to implement the schools funding formula until 2019-20 yet the Early Years Formula is starting in 2017. And why have 2 separate reviews anyway - would it not make more sense at this time … [Read more...]

ANIMALS IN HANDS – Bringing the zoo to you

ANIMALS IN HANDS is a fantastic Natural History Service specialising in classroom interactions with children and young people from Nursery through to 6th Form. Animals in Hands provide numerous new learning opportunities and experiences for children of all ages. Sound interesting? Come and see for yourself! So you can learn just how useful this will be for your children, Animals in Hands are giving you a chance to meet them free in our training … [Read more...]

Early Years Pupil Premium

Additional Pupil Premium money available for nurseries. From the start of April the government will be starting to fund some children in the 3-5 age range with an additional payment of up to £300 a year. Eligibility for this funding will be based on much the same criteria as 2 year old funding and it's up to you to claim the extra moeny. Information on the subject has been a bit slow arriving and you will need to consult with parents to find … [Read more...]

Allergens, new regulations

The Food Allergens Regulations for Nurseries Have Changed! Since the 13th December 2014, all childcare providers in England and Wales have been legally required to comply with The Food Information Regulation regarding allergens. You are now required to obtain information about any allergies or intolerances that a child may have and provide information regarding allergens about the food you provide, including any pre packed foods. MBK is here … [Read more...]