Observing using Technology (e.g with Tapestry)

Observing children and planning around their individual needs is an essential part of the EYFS and crucial to your Ofsted rating. Practitioners need to be aware of the characteristics of effective learning and understand how these relate to observing children’s progress in their learning and development. They need to know and understand when and what should be observed and importantly what should be assessed.  If you are using an electronic … [Read more...]

Developing your Early Years Business

Developing your Business courses are Early Years business development courses aimed at room leaders, senior practitioners, managers and owners, these courses look at the broader aspects of team management, running settings and the nurseries as a business.  We're here to help with the management of your early years setting and to offer early years business support to you at every level. Early Years Business development courses Developing … [Read more...]

Funding the Gap: A Workshop to Minimise Losses

Funding the Gap is a Workshop to Minimise Losses between funded hours and what we would ordinarily charge What has been said so far...  Fantastic! Light bulb moment of why I was losing money. By changing my fee structure I will lose less money. Really enjoyed the whole day. Very informative. Discussing Fee Structures with other providers. Giving me new ideas. Amazing resources thank you! Funding the Gap – the gap between what we are … [Read more...]

Ofsted Ready: Preparing for your CIF Inspection

This Ofsted Ready: Preparing for your CIF Inspection course is aimed at all nursery practitioners in order to help them prepare for their Ofsted Inspection and support achieving that Ofsted Outstanding rating. The demands placed on Staff Teams during CIF Inspection is greater than ever under the 2015 CIF Evaluation Schedule. This training allows teams to understand better what will be required of them during an inspection and help reduce the … [Read more...]

Building Occupancy for Profit

The Building Occupancy for Profit course is aimed at nursery owners and managers who would like to enhance their current business with new and innovative ideas to increase their occupancy and profitability. Some of the best ideas are the simple ones and far too often we do not sing our own praises. This course will help you identify and shout about your special features to improve your business. Building Occupancy for Profit. Building a good … [Read more...]