Direction of Travel – ELG’s

I realise that we are not all seated in the same vehicle. There are many different sizes and shapes, let alone colours. I have been quick to highlight anything that might be on the horizon when uttered by Amanda Spielman, even if it relates to school more than to Early Years. I have been of the opinion that,"The common inspection framework" is a key to the direction of travel, in which every vehicle you are travelling in is moving. So, … [Read more...]

Where did your Calendar Resource go?

Remember our Calendar and Activity Resource that we used to release on a monthly basis? We have decided to bring it back - however, we will now be publishing it on our sister company's website Foundation Focus - don't worry it's still free to download! We want this resource to be the best it can be so that when it comes to planning your monthly activities it is as easy and stress-free as possible. We are planning to publish the whole … [Read more...]

Nursery World North

We had a fantastic time at Nursery World North, and it was a brilliant opportunity to speak with a lot of new faces from all over the country (including Alice Sharp, pictured, of experiential play fame!).  These events are always tiring, as you spend all day on your feet, but it is so inspiring to see all the latest developments in Early Years and meet with the people driving it forward.  We kept our social media streams updated throughout the … [Read more...]

Novembers Excitement

November, best known as Movember, is already upon us - which can only mean, it's nearly Christmas! The office is currently divided by those who are wanting to get the decorations out on November 1st and those who are waiting til 24th December ... if at all. But, there is still a lot of interesting days to take place before the big day such as Bonfire Night, Origami Day, Remembrance Sunday and St Andrews Day (to name a few happening this … [Read more...]

Friendship Month!

This upcoming month, September, is not only full of interesting days but it's also known as Friendship Month! The non-profit organisation Oddfellows has been working for over 200 years to bring people together and celebrate friendship - take a look at their website and see what's going on near you. The World Literacy Foundation has made September 8th International Literacy Day - so close to Read a Book Day which is September 6th. The two … [Read more...]