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Child Safety, Fathers Day and British Mud Week!

captThis year Child Safety Week is being held from 6th until 12th June and the theme is ‘Turn off Technology’! There are loads of resources, that can be found here. The websites have lots of ideas to keep the children entertained whilst you confiscate their electronics! Get them climbing trees, running around getting muddy!! We would love to hear about what you get up to with the kids!

Autistic Pride Day is being held on 18th June 2016, we are running another Autism course in July, for more information click here

Fathers day this year is 19th June and Pinterest has so many good activities to do with the children. A few of my favourites are these Handmade Cards, Handprint Gifts and these T-Shirt Designs

With the theme of ‘Child Safety Week’ at the start of the month, 21st – 29th June is Drowning Prevention Week. This would be a good time to sit down with the children and discuss safety when around water, especially as it’s approaching Summer.

mudMUD KITCHENS! Make sure you have yours up and running before British Mud Week, 23th – 29th June. Don’t have a Mud Kitchen? Stuck for ideas on how to make yours better? Check out this website which shows a variety of different ways to get one up an running. Here is a great article on how to make Mud Kitchen Food. It might be wise to start asking for several spare sets of clothing from your parents! 

The 27th June is Sunglasses Day – so let’s hope the weather shines bright for us !  Also, 29th is National Camera Day. You could make cameras with the children or just get them up and about taking pictures of anything they like!

About the author: Zoë Tolley

Zoe Tolley
Zoë is our Business Apprentice who aspires to go on to Business Management in the future. She originally studied Health and Social Care, but found Business to be the way forward. She is very customer orientated and manages to fit in being a Club Coordinator, for Breakfast and After School Club, she also brings a lot of energy and interesting new ideas to the office.

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