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Creativity Month (January)

January, also known as Creativity Month, is full of special days such as National Puzzle Day, Burns night and Australia Day. Below are a few creative ways to explore these days.

CreativityChildren love to invent things; and they’ve been inventing things for decades! Take your old milk cartons and cereal boxes and give them to the children to construct new inventions with. Click to find out more about Kid Inventors Day, which is held on the 17th.

The 18th is home of Winnie the Pooh and Martin Luther King day. We all know Winnie the Pooh, however it may be more suited for the younger children and here is where you can find games, books and activities to do with Pooh and friends. Martin Luther King is more tricky for children as they may never of heard of him, here is a website which has his famous ‘I have a dream’ speech on and maybe you could get the children to show their creativity with their dreams.

Australia Day celebrates the establishment of the first European settlement, which was British, at Port Jackson, on 26th January, in 1788. This website has lots of games, flags and recipes to try. My favourite has to be the Australian Flag made out of fruit – it looks so delicious!

National Puzzle Day can be a challenge for some, but it’ll definitely be interesting and fun! Jigsaws, bingo, crosswords, suduko – anything can be created into a puzzle! The internet is crawling with ideas, but I’m sure you’ll have your own and if not, why not get the imagination of your kids going by asking them to create games.

January 23rd is measure your feet day, why not use this day to explore measurements with your children? Here is an example of using household objects to identify how long someones foot is.

Click on the picture below to download the full calendar for January.January Creativity Month


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Zoe Tolley
Zoë is a recent addition to our team as a Business Apprentice who aspires to go on to Business Management in the future. She also manages to fit in being a Playworker, for Breakfast and After School Club, and therefore brings a lot of energy and interesting new ideas to the office.

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