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Early Years National Funding Formula Analysis

Just how FAIR is the proposed EYNFF? Are you a Winner or a Loser? According to our analysis there are only 2 ‘big losers’ in the actual funding received by providers – Bradford and Stockport. However, when you set this against the biggest winner (Westminster!) – who gets a whopping £4.63 per hour MORE than they were getting before (an uplift more than over 100 LA’s get in total) I am questioning just how fair this proposed formula is.   

Our Fairer Funding campaign is based on equity, however, I am discovering some inequitable measures being used within the figures presented by the DfE in the Consultation that opened this week. Before I delve into that (in another blog) here is a table that allows you to sort data by some of the figures that have been presented, alongside our original 2015 DSG data and our averaged provider rates (is it a coincidence that the DfE EYNFF consultation document refers to a rate range of £9.17 to £3.24 on p10 – figures taken directly from our DSG table – and yet the DfE LA Rates in their Excel Tables, shown here in Column 2 range from £9.46 to £3.20 #justsaying someone may have been reading our information – although this is also a further indication that these figures are full of inaccuracies).

The City of London data has not been included in the EYNFF Consultation – Why not I would ask?

* This column shows the figure the LA will receive with Transitional Protection applied, basically this is a protection that means that they will receive no less than 10% of their previous funding allocation

**This column shows what the LA would receive if the 10% protection was not applied – however some of the figures are higher in this column which suggests there is something wrong with the input somewhere.

Overall what we are seeing here is not an equitable distribution of funds and there is much more to comment to make – stay tuned into our blog to find out more about what I have uncovered within the proposals. If you don’t currently subscribe to our blog and newsletter you can register to receive it on the right.

About the author: Tricia Wellings

Tricia Wellings EYNFF Early Years National Funding Formula Analysis
Tricia qualified as an NNEB and achieved a BA (Hons) in Early Education Studies and Early Years Teacher Status. She obtained her PTLLS and CTTLS in order to teach adults and most recently her A1 assessors award. She has run a group of day nurseries for 18 years and trains her own teams.

Her passion for and knowledge of owning and running a nursery group and the issues within the sector that affect them is second to none. She continues to keep herself updated through regular meetings with PVI groups, Local Authorities, Ofsted Big Conversation and Conferences.

You can find our more about Tricia on her website www.triciawellings.co.uk

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