Funding the Gap: A Workshop to Minimise Losses

Funding the GapFunding the Gap is a Workshop to Minimise Losses between funded hours and what we would ordinarily charge

What has been said so far… 
Light bulb moment of why I was losing money.
By changing my fee structure I will lose less money.
Really enjoyed the whole day. Very informative.
Discussing Fee Structures with other providers.
Giving me new ideas.
Amazing resources thank you!

Funding the Gap – the gap between what we are paid for our funded hours and what we would ordinarily charge – is an important element to consider if you want to be running a successful business. The interpretation of the LA Statutory Guidance, Model Agreement and Operational Guidance 2017 have caused much debate and discussion also. However, our previous interpretations have allowed us to pass LA Audits in three counties. We are confident that our new interpretation will do so also. Several LA’s have reviewed the new modelling and are happy with it’s structure.

We have therefore re-developed our workshop, aimed at day nursery owners, finance managers, pre-schools and playgroup treasurers who are accepting funded children for less than their usual fee.

This Funding the Gap: A Workshop to Minimise Losses enables you to:

  • Be able to maximise your income for funded children
  • Create a structure to allow you to pass an LA Audit*
  • Minimise losses and restrict what hours you lose money on
  • Leave with all the knowledge and tools you need to implement in your setting

In Funding the Gap we will also discuss other aspects of your business from National Living Wage, Pension auto-enrolment and ways of making savings in other areas of the business.

*3 LA Audit’s passed to date: Birmingham, Worcestershire, Warwickshire. From another LA?** If you send us your LA Provider agreement we’ll inform you if we think we can pass your audit too. June 2017: **We’ve not found an LA agreement yet that we can’t get to work with our methods!  

£175 per person
Delegates per course: 8-12 settings maximum
Course Length: approximately 6-8 hours

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Course locations: our training centre is based in Studley, Warwickshire, close to the M42 with easy access across the West Midlands. We regularly deliver courses at our satellite centres in Worcester & Kidderminster, as well as delivering directly with settings in Birmingham, Warwick, Solihull, Coventry, Rugby, Evesham, Redditch, and with others from as far afield as Cheshire, Oxford, Northampton and Milton Keynes.

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