Leadership and Management – What is a Leader?

What is a LeaderWhat is a Leader Training
Practical Training Course in Leadership and Management

This What is a Leader? Training course is aimed at practitioners who are stepping up into a room supervisory or management role. It will help them understand that their job will be much more effective if they can achieve the co-operation of the people around them in a team spirit. This course forms part of the Leadership & Management Programme designed to support those newly into a role involving more responsibility. However it can be undertaken as a stand alone course as well.

Making the transition from practitioner to Supervisor or Manager and understanding how to manage team members effectively and developing the skills necessary to be a successful supervisor or manager can sometimes be very difficult.

This engaging Leadership & Management course will enable Early Years practitioners to :

  • Understand the different types of Management styles
  • Learn to identify different personality types in a Team and the roles that they play
  • Understand which is the most effective type of management

The Leadership & Management Programme consists of 4 courses, Building and Motivating Teams, What is a Leader, Effective Communication and Managing Difficult People.

Course cost: £25.00

Course length: 2 hours

Course location: based in Studley, Warwickshire, close to the M42. Learners come from as far afield as Birmingham, Coventry and Worcester and from all parts of Warwickshire and the West Midlands.

Discounts are available for group bookings.

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Did you know that this Leadership & Management training course can be customised to your settings requirements? Visit our bespoke courses page for more information.

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