Basic Food Hygiene

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food hygieneA practical Food Hygiene for Early Years course is aimed at all practitioners

Studley, nr Redditch, Date: Mon, 23rd May 6:30 pm-8:30 pm – Space(s) available 0

Whether you are preparing snacks, preparing milk feeds or just cooking up some biscuits with your children, Food Hygiene is an essential part of what we do. Whilst policies are no longer required under the EYFS the burden of maintaining a safe environment for the children in your care is high on Ofsted’s agenda and practitioners need to be aware of their responsibilities in relation to food hygiene.

This essential Food Hygiene for Early Years short course will enable early years practitioners to safely prepare and handle food and be aware of:

  • Food-borne illnesses, bacteria and prevention techniques.
  • Contamination and spoilage of food and prevention of food poisoning.
  • Effective hygiene techniques for themselves and children.
  • Safe food storage, HACCP and the surrounding law.

This Early Years course is aimed at all practitioners, whether they prepare snacks, dinners, serve food or cook with the children. Importantly, it meets all the statutory requirements without the unecessary expense of a full accredited course.

Course Length: 2 hours

Did you now that this Basic Food Hygiene training course can be customised to your settings requirements? Visit our bespoke courses page for more information.

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Date(s) - Mon, 23rd May
6:30 pm-8:30 pm

Millennium House