Effective Supervisions and Peer Observations

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peer observationEffective supervisions and meaningful staff development are essential elements for every Outstanding Nursery or Pre-school. Achieving an effective supervision system is made even more difficult by the supervisions process being widely misunderstood and taking time out of our day that can ill be

Studley, nr Redditch, Date: Tue, 14th Feb 6:30 pm-8:30 pm – Space(s) available 16

This short course is designed to be delivered to managers of staff who have attended both Effective Supervisions – Doing your Homework and this Peer Observation in Early Years Settings course. We can tailor this arrangement depending on number of staff and location so please get in touch if you need any further information..

These courses delivered together provide a simple but effective supervision strategy that put the children front and centre. Using a modular arrangement of paperwork, supervisions will become an effective and manageable process for everyone involved. Couple this with a free and very effective method of staff development in Peer Observations and you will find it can have a real impact on your setting and staff.

This Effective Supervisions and Peer Observations courses covers:

  • Identifying the strengths in your staff team
  • Using the strengths in your staff team for professional development
  • Carrying out effective supervisions
  • Supervisions, Peer Observations and an Ofsted inspection

This course provides a simple but effective folder of supervision paperwork that makes supervisions a simple but effective process.  This paperwork extends beyond supervisions to also cover induction and all other meetings with staff so that a complete and rounded solution to monitoring these interactions can be created.  If you are interested in the paperwork without the training then get in touch and we might just be able to help.


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Date(s) - Tue, 14th Feb
6:30 pm-8:30 pm

Millennium House

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