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QuestioningPractical Training course in Curiosity and Questioning

Solihull, Date: Thu, 16th Jun 3:30 pm-5:30 pm – Space(s) available 23

Science is about being curious about the world and asking questions, from Early Years right through to Universities and beyond. Questioning is therefore a vital part of teaching science, especially when teaching ‘Working Scientifically’. Children asking scientific questions is what we are working towards, but how we answer them and support them through the topic really makes a difference. Science should be all about finding out, not about learning facts, and children should be encouraged to wonder and then supported in their efforts to find out the answer (for themselves ideally).

Encouraging children to be the ones to ask (and then answer!) questions is a daunting task if Science is not your favourite subject. But this wonder, your questioning and the subsequent investigations are vital to improving childrens scientific thinking, moving them away from a world of being told about the world around them to one where they work it out for themselves using sound reasoning and logic.

Our objectives for this training course:

  • Increase teachers’ confidence in incorporating scientific thinking into lessons.
  • Support practitioners with using questioning to develop scientific thinking.
  • Highlight characteristics of effective science based activities and lessons.
  • Explore teachers’ own issues with science and how this impacts on the curiosity of the children.

Course Cost: £50 per person

(You can book on to the course below, but if you prefer you can also call the office on 01527 452 430)


Bookings are closed for this event.

Date(s) - Thu, 16th Jun
3:30 pm-5:30 pm

Sans Souci Training Centre

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