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EYNFF NCRA Rates Fairness Comparison Table

eynff rates fairness comparison fairness of using rateable values in the EYNFFWe’re trying to assess the rates fairness comparison of using rateable values in the EYNFF using our eynff rates fairness comparison table. Complete your data here and it will be added to the table within a day. Check back regularly to see the results. You can sort the columns individually.

EYNFF Data Collection Form

  • Please enter a number from 0 to 1000.
  • What is your rateable value?

    You can look it up with just your postcode here. Then add your data to our form above for our NCRA Rates Fairness Comparison Table that will be updated at regular intervals with all data.

    By completing this form you agree to your setting name being published in our Comparison Table.

To see the Indicative Provider rate announced in the EYNFF Consultation you can click here on our full data table . This shows the aim for LA’s to pay to providers by 2019-20 (and not necessarily before). Included in this table is the original LA Data released by MBK Training in 2015 and the provider rates that were gathered at the time (which have been averaged where they are variations within the LA). A draft response can also be viewed. 

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