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February – Pancakes, Valentines Day and more!

February is already upon us (we know, time flies when you’re having fun!). You’ve probably remembered that it’s Pancake Day and Valentine’s Day this month – but do you know what else is going on?

It goes without saying that you’ll probably be making pancakes on the 9th but why not set up an activity similar to this which gets the children thinking. You could get them talking about what’s healthy on their pancakes, or what shape their pancake is. Although it’s learning – we promise it’s fun!

FebruaryI’ll be the first to admit that I was struggling to find ideas for Ash Wednesday (10th). You could talk to the children about Lent and Fasting; see if they have anything they may want to give up. I found this which seemed like a really good idea to get the children involved in. Get them painting the stones, writing on them and definitely coming up with the ideas to go on them! It could be certain characteristics they want themselves to be or it certain rules they think everyone should follow. Maybe you know a different way to mark Ash Wednesday – we’d love to know!

Thomas Edison was born on February 11th in 1847, to mark the man who developed the light bulb, the 11th was declared National Inventors Day. This is a great time to let your children’s creativity run wild. Grab a few cardboard boxes, get some glue and let them build! If you need some inspiration check out this website which has lots of ideas using lollipop sticks.

13 Valentine’s Day for the children should be about showing kindness to each other; especially to Mom and Dad (after all, you do do a lot for them!) Something for the younger children may be these Salt Dough Footprints. They do take a day or two to finalise, but they’re worth it in the end. You could always mix it up and do a handprint or a thumbprint – it’s definitely a keepsake for the future though. Something a little easier and quicker would be these Kissing Hand Cards they’re super cute!

Guides and Girl Scouts come together on 22nd to celebrate their commitment to international friendship and understanding. This day is considered to be World Thinking Day. Maybe the children could think of ways to celebrate the day together!

What’s in the near future?World Book Day. Thursday 3rd March. Here’s the official website; which has lots of ideas of ways to celebrate the date.

Click the image to download the full calendar for February.

February Calendar

About the author: Zoë Tolley

Zoe Tolley
Zoë is a recent addition to our team as a Business Apprentice who aspires to go on to Business Management in the future. She also manages to fit in being a Playworker, for Breakfast and After School Club, and therefore brings a lot of energy and interesting new ideas to the office.

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