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How does training benefit me? Part 1

Having wandered around Childcare Expo Midlands 2018 something hit me: there is a lot of different things to spend our small amount of money on in Early Years.  Which got me thinking, why should we expect you to spend your money on training?

Because it’s the best option of course!  But don’t take my word for it, over the next two weeks I’ll be taking a look at the reasons from two directions, that of the owner/manager and that of the practitioners themselves.  This week, the owners and managers (if that isn’t you then check back next week instead for part 2!).

As an owner or manager you get to make the final decision on how the money is spent in your setting, which isn’t always easy!  Training isn’t cheap, and it’s difficult to choose the right course that will most benefit your team.  How can you make sure the investment is worth it?

Choosing the right training course for your team

If you want to see the most ‘bang for your buck’ you need your staff to be on the right course.  To help you choose you could have a look at your latest Ofsted report, read through recent supervisions, pick randomly or contact us to discuss the best options available.

You could also show your staff websites such as ours and ask the staff to decide which courses they may find beneficial.  Be careful though, they may just be choosing the shortest or most convenient option!

But why should I invest in my team?

Spread over the year, the cost of training isn’t that much, it could be less than the cost of buying each staff member a cup of coffee each month.  It’s hard to know which of those options will make your staff happier (certainly before they read the benefits of training next week), but the coffee option definitely won’t get you all of these:

  • Happier children and parents (and bank managers with any luck!)
  • An efficient, smooth running nursery
  • A self-sufficient, empowered team that works well together
  • Improved staff attendance levels
  • Staff who take responsibility / ownership and who are accountable
  • Consistent, competent staff
  • An improved Ofsted outcome

If you want some of those benefits, maybe it’s time to have a look through our training courses and picking which one might be right for you.

About the author: Matt Stanford

Matt Stanford
Matt has been working in education for over 10 years, teaching science to all ages from preschool to degree. Before he became a teacher he studied chemistry at Masters level and completed his PhD at The University of Warwick. It was during his time at university that he got involved in outreach work in local primary schools and found his passion for inspiring learning.

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