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Inspirational Insights 11th Edition

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Welcome to Inspirational Insights – The monthly modicum of meanderings from MBK Training.

New News is Good News (for some)

This month saw some news on funding amounts, and it looks like it might be levelling out of the current funding to a figure upwards of £4.56 per hour per child. So good news for some areas and bad news for others!

We were also lucky enough to attend the opening of a beautiful new setting in Worcester, Alice Bennett’s W.E.Y.C., and got inspired by Sam Gyimah speaking at the Nursery World Summit in London. Finally, we were able to reveal a new downloads area of the website for everyone who receives our emails!

We looked back and couldn’t believe how much news and ideas we dropped into your inbox this year, and as usual, it seems to have gone past so quickly! Merry Christmas from the whole team behind Inspirational Insights, we look forward to seeing you next year!

If you want to read the full details of any of the stories above, or you want to see what you missed all year, then head on over to our blog


Inspirational Insights 11th

Missed last month’s insights? Click here to see the start of the new format and catch up with our news roundup, including the usual updates on Ofsted and funding.You will also find some excellent ideas from firework night (suitable to be used again at New Year), and our thoughts on Maths in Early Years.

New Venues for 2016!
This month we made an exciting announcement that from the new year we will be delivering our training in two new venues, hopefully making it possible for us to reach more people. After several requests to move as we were too far away, we went even better and now have locations in Worcester, Kidderminster and Studley.

Are we still too far away?

Don’t forget we can deliver in your setting and we promise to try our best to add even more locations in the future. Our calendar for next term is here.


Olaf Tube

Inspiration of the Month
With Christmas almost upon us, we thought a few more inspirations might be in order to keep you going. Zoe was put on the case and wrote a blog full of fantastic suggestions.

The rest of the team also took on the challenge, here are some of our favourites…

2175f7995963afac79bd73d6b697e46bWe loved the use of cotton wool and numbers to make pictures.

Click the image for a nice simple example of making Santa’s beard, or why not try a snowman?

You could try putting sand castle buckets full of water in the freezer to make some ice castles. And finally, because we always seem to be hungry here, make some igloos out of marshmallows?

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