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Inspirational Insights 17th Edition

inspirational insights 17th
Welcome to Inspirational Insights – The monthly modicum of meanderings from MBK Training.

Closing the Gap

The Insights have come around quick this month, but everything returns to normal with working internet and yet another huge booklet from Ofsted! Make sure you are compliant, and also be certain to check out all the other news, including updates on the 30 hours pilot and the Champagne Nurseries – Lemonade Funding campaign.


As always, you can find all these stories and more on our blog.

Inspirational Insights 16th

Missed last month’s insights? Click here to catch up with our news roundup, including a look at just how to get by when you don’t have internet when Ofsted turn up!  We also took a closer look at getting the most from Loose Parts and don’t forget the usual inspirations!

Inspiration of the Month

This month is all about Father’s Day (but I would say that!).  Zoe has also found some fantastic ideas to fit in with Child Safety Week and British Mud Week among others.  You can find all that and a lot more in her blog, here.


wheelie-tyred Wheelie Tyred!

How far is it from Glasgow to London? It turns out it’s quite far – 500 miles if you take the cycling option (which is the one I chose).  I’ll let you know just how far that feels next month, after (if) I finish my Ovarian Cancer Action challenge.

All the practice I’ve been doing has meant my two boys (5 and 3) have got really into the idea of cycling and it has made me realise just how much cotton wool children get wrapped in these days.  Just because cycling is fast and children are bound to fall off, doesn’t mean they shouldn’t get the pleasure of the wind in their faces.

The British Medical Association claim the health benefits of cycling outweigh risks by 20:1 – so let’s get those children outside and riding!

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