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Inspirational Insights 18th Edition

inspirational insights 18th
Welcome to Inspirational Insights – The monthly modicum of meanderings from MBK Training.

Referendums and Resignations

This month it feels like a bit of a success if you managed to not resign! But with all that political wrangling dominating the news, we not only managed to stay in the office, but also had a chance to look at what Brexit means for Early Years, get a little worried about the current lack of the EYFS 2016 (as September looms) and even had a chance to wonder about those summer born children again. You can check out all these stories and more on our blog as usual.

Inspirational Insights 16th

Missed last month’s insights? Click here to catch up with our news roundup, including a look at the latest Ofsted and 30 hours information! We also took a look at cycling (I did quite a bit of it this month) and had the usual inspirations!

Inspiration of the Month

This month zoe decided to take a short holiday so as well as her (slightly shorter than usual) inspirations, we clubbed together and between us found some hard work we did a year a go about water play.

water play

Life's Little Emergencies Life’s Little Emergencies

Having been on the horizon since the beginning of the year, we have now had confirmation that from September all new staff qualifying at level 2 or 3 must have (at least) Emergency Paediatric First Aid to count in ratios. New employee’s will have a 3 month grace period to get qualified.

The consultation was short and sweet and most people agreed with the changes. Indeed, we work with many nurseries who insist all staff are First Aid trained – something that will soon mean you can obtain Millie’s Mark. The NDNA will be delivering this voluntary mark of quality and you can already register your interest.

Remember – any accredited organisation can deliver your training, you can see our courses here.

autism awareness
observe with tapestry
funding the gap


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