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Inspirational Insights 20th Edition

inspirational insights 20th
Welcome to Inspirational Insights – The monthly modicum of meanderings from MBK Training.

Wrong, Wrong, Wrong!

The big news this month was the release of the Early Years National Funding Formula. Unfortunately, it doesn’t seem any fairer than what we had before, with some local authorities actually getting less than they do now!

We have been working hard to show just how unfair it all is, and to help us do something about it while we still can, we ask you to head over to this page. We also had a look at the changes to inspecting safeguarding and a few other things.

You can read the full stories and stay up to date with everything else on our blog.

Inspirational Insights 19th

Missed last month’s insights? Click here to catch up with our news roundup, including a look at Tax Free Childcare, the new Childcare Minister, the Olympics and Zoe gave her usual inspirations too.

Inspiration of the Month

Zoe has been winning some new friends with yet more inspirations this month. My highlight has to be Roald Dahl’s 100th Birthday on the 13th but maybe that is just enjoying too much Frobscottle in my younger days! As usual you can find all the inspirations on her blog.

roald dahl 100

millies mark Millie’s Mark!

Millie’s Mark is now here, and you can start the three months process by starting your application through the NDNA to register your nursery.

We had a look at what you need to do and will be writing a series of updates to give anyone that will listen some support in the coming months. Until then, you can read about our first impressions here.

We also wanted to gently remind you that all your newly qualified staff need to be First Aid qualified in order to count in ratios.

We have also seen some companies giving out wrong information – your staff with existing qualifications are not affected by this change and do no need to be qualified (although we recommend that they still are of course!).

We have several Paediatric First Aid qualifications running throughout this term, find them all here.

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