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Inspirational Insights 21st Edition

inspirational insights 21st
Welcome to Inspirational Insights – The monthly modicum of meanderings from MBK Training.

A Summary of Summaries…

There was a whole lot going on this month, from the Childcare Expo to Ofsted’s Big Conversation, we attended everything we could to make sure we could bring you all the latest news.

So if you want to find out about, (take a deep breath in) Champagne Nurseries, Childcare Expo, the Learn Explore Debate, the Early Years National Funding Formula, Ofsted’s Big Conversation, Narrowing the Gaps Seminars and/or the 30 hours funding pilot, then head on over to our blog, as usual (Phew!).

Inspirational Insights 20th

Missed last month’s insights? Click here to catch up with our news roundup, including a (rather grumpy) look at the national funding formula, how to apply for Millie’s Mark, and Zoe gave her usual fantabulous inspirations.

Inspiration of the Month
Zoe also had her work cut out this month, with so much going on!

She has put together some excellent ideas for everything from walking to school to Diwali. She just couldn’t contain all her excitement for Halloween to one blog either so you can look forward to those in the coming days.

You can find all these inspirations and more to come on her blog.


Two twin little sister girls whisper in the ear, outdoor on green park

Sharing the Love

So we now deliver in another location (find out where here) – and we have some other locations on the way. But why do we keep creating work for ourselves by finding new venues?

We ask ourselves this all the time (who likes extra work!), but it only takes a quick look at our evaluation forms to see why. On every course we run people are excited to join in with discussions and share their experiences with each other. And it really makes a difference!

So, if you’re north of Birmingham and about to become a manager, or you’re always stumped when it comes to Maths, maybe you could be the next person to come along and share your experiences with us – why not give it a go!

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