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Inspirational Insights 23rd Edition

inspirational insights 23rd
Welcome to Inspirational Insights – The monthly modicum of meanderings from MBK Training.

And bringing the year to a close…

…we have more about the same stories that have kept us busy all year; 30 hours, the EYNFF, charging top-ups, and Ofsted. You can find it all on our blog, blog usual.

And that just leaves enough space to say thank you to everyone that reads Insights each month and to let you know we have some big plans to keep bringing you something inspirational next year! Until then, have a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Inspirational Insights 22nd

Missed last month’s insights? Click here to catch up with our news roundup, including another look at the 30 hours funding, the EYFSP data, Zoe had some of her usual inspirations and we had a quick look at a new Peer Observation course we will be running from next year.

Inspiration of the Month

Zoe had it easy this month as we have something pretty big happening (just in case the children hadn’t mentioned it already)… It’s Christmas!

Check out all the fantastic suggestions she has to keep the children in your setting from getting bored. When you’re not getting outside to enjoy (!) the winter weather you can find some suggestion on her blog.

get ready for 2017

Get Ready for 2017

By the time the next insights arrive, it’ll be a new year, here’s a few things we think will be big in 2017 to give your resolutions some inspiration:

Training days – we’ve already got 5 in the calendar! Closing for a day doesn’t always seem like a good plan, but more nurseries are learning just how effective these days can be.

Moderation – how can we make sure that different people/rooms/settings are making the same assessment from an observation? Moderation is the answer and we expect this to start to rear its (sometimes a bit ugly) head.

Paediatric First Aid – the first nurseries to receive Millie’s Mark are just about finished, all new staff now have to be first aid trained, 2017 looks set to be a safe year for children!

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