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Inspirational Insights 24th Edition

inspirational insights 24th
Welcome to Inspirational Insights – The monthly modicum of meanderings from MBK Training.
toast When the news happens, you’ll be able to find out about it on our blog as normal. Meanwhile, we bring you Monica Price – a new team member who has been writing about… toast! We are in the process of adding a range of nutrition based courses, which may or may be related. Let’s hope we have some more news next month, preferably some that doesn’t involve Trump please.

Let us say a (very) belated Happy New Year after we made the decision to move Inspirational Insights to the end of the month from now on. Each month we will be bringing you a little bit of what has made us tick in the last few weeks, so…
bloke and cone
This month we’ve been trying to improve Inspirational Insights. It’s always funny how the little things can seem to eat up so much time – and we don’t even mean the children! We hope we hit the mark over the next few months and you keep reading as we settle into the changes together! Let us know what you think over on Facebook ((MBK_Training) or twitter (@MBK_Training).

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