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Inspirational Insights 28th Edition

inspirational insights 28th
Welcome to Inspirational Insights – The monthly modicum of meanderings from MBK Training.
It’s hard enough to write about the latest news without getting political at the best of times, but with a general election just one week away we gave up trying to avoid it.

30 hours is already on the horizon and causing (let’s be gentle here) a bit of an issue with funding, so Labour’s promise to roll this out to all 2 year olds is more than a little concerning.

We have to wonder how exactly this will be funded at all (and it seems that Mr Corbyn isn’t really sure!), without even considering the impact this will have on nurseries. This may or May not be an issue but you can find all the news as it happens on our blog.

A slightly quieter time for us this month other than Nursery World North (we had a fantastic time by the way!). We have mostly been starting work on our new offerings for next academic year. We won’t be giving away the content just yet, but we’re excited about what we will be adding!

school readinessOtherwise, we have had the most fun this month discussing School Readiness. As something that comes up around this time each year, it’s always interesting to get different people’s ideas of what it actually means. We sadly don’t have a definitive answer to this just now, but with any luck we will soon so keep reading!

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