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Inspirational Insights 30th Edition

inspirational insights 30th
Welcome to Inspirational Insights – The monthly modicum of meanderings from MBK Training.

I figured we must have missed some news this month, but a quick google search tells me that apparently nothing much happened. It should feel good to be in position where Early Years hasn’t hadn’t any momentous changes for a month, but really it just feels a bit weird!

We did notice this little report about 30 hours which, despite showing that 48% of providers lost money during trials, concludes it will be a successful scheme. We’re not convinced, but it’ll be happening anyway so best get to it! If some news does actually happen, then you can read it on our blog.

Well the summer holidays must be upon us; the journey to work just got that little bit easier and that brief period of beautiful hot weather has passed! It might just be getting a bit quieter in the nursery (or you could be closed of course!) meaning you might be thinking about new wall displays or furniture moves.

To celebrate the start of the holidays, we had a big overhaul at head office, new cupboard space for all our natural resources, First Aid kit and Maths paraphernalia. We didn’t realise that putting things away could be quite so satisfying but there you go. If you find yourself putting furniture together in the setting, why not tape the Allen key that came with it to the back so you know where it is when anything needs a tighten?!

We couldn’t help but notice an interesting phenomenon that’s arriving from Japan and America and looks to be picking up speed over here. That is the idea of operating a nursery and a care home for the elderly on the same site. There is lots of research to show the benefits of doing this and several have opened recently around the country. We love the idea, but maybe we should get the 30 hours sorted first…

If the topic has sparked your interest then watch the channel 4 series ‘Old People’s Home for 4 Year Olds’ using the On Demand service here.

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