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Inspirational Insights 32nd Edition

inspirational insights 32nd
Welcome to Inspirational Insights – The monthly modicum of meanderings from MBK Training.

As you might have guessed already, the Childcare Expo took up most of our month. It was as fantastic as ever, but we did have some other news for you too.

Our very own Marie Smith (SEND trainer on our current series of courses) wrote an article that might support any trips you are planning. We also wrote some short articles about school readiness and the latest information on Integrated Reviews. Keep up to date as usual by following our blog.

With most of the month spent supporting product development and organising stand related things, the Childcare Expo dominated our September. Well, that and trying to figure out the whole 30 hours thing which is finally here.

We did, however, manage to fit in some other conversations around the office. Our favourite topic was how you can assess a child as secure in a statement from development matters such as ‘sometimes gives meanings to marks as they draw and paint’.

Our conclusions after a month of wondering? Sadly, we still don’t know. But it’s important to get agreement within your setting at least, to make sure that children don’t appear to regress as they change rooms!

With so many new ideas picked up from all the great conversations at the expo, it was hard to pick just one thing that you ought to be trying this month.

We settled on a question we were asked at the show which caused much debate on the car ride home – ‘How can I afford training when I am a childminder?’… actually, that should just be ‘How can I afford training?’! But the answer we came up with in the car, and something you will no doubt hear more about in the future is – don’t do it alone. Get together with nearby settings/individuals and share the cost! Everyone wins in this situation, so start building those bridges.

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