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Inspirational Insights 33rd Edition

inspirational insights 33rd
Welcome to Inspirational Insights – The monthly modicum of meanderings from MBK Training.
Inspirational Insights 33rd Edition
With 30 hours rolling out across the country (with reasonable success by all accounts) it’s been a relatively quiet month from the news front (unless you include all the, rather depressing, Children’s Centre closures).

We did give you some more interesting blog content though, and if you haven’t seen any of our blog posts this month (or signed up for alerts) then you might find these interesting: We took a look at what Ofsted look for during inspections when it comes to safeguarding, the latest EYFSP data and gave some excellent tips and tricks on how to market you nursery.

We’ve had the luxury of a quieter month than normal in the office, with no national conferences and no new products to launch (at the moment) it was a nice respite from previous months!

The most interesting event for us in October was the Ofsted Big Conversation, where we were privileged to watch Tony Wilson, Storyteller in action. It was interesting to see which staff chose to get involved with the physical elements of his routine. We believe that this is an important part of engaging children, and find it a bit depressing when staff are too embarrassed to have a go. We’re definitely going to be working on some more physical ice breaker activities to break down the barriers!

A big topic of discussion this month was how much social media is the right amount. It always surprises us just how different settings are; from organising closed groups for parents on Facebook to frowning upon staff following each other on twitter.

We are firm believers that social media is a powerful tool, for both advertising your setting and building important relationships with parents. We think you should probably be using it, but knowing how to protect yourself from possible problems is the key, and the first part of the answer is incredibly easy; privacy settings. Make a point of setting anything and everything you can to private (so only the people you choose can see it), whether it is your own account (or a member of staff’s) or a parent group – choosing who can see things is a vital part of protecting yourself from trouble!

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