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Inspirational Insights 34th Edition

inspirational insights 34th
Welcome to Inspirational Insights – The monthly modicum of meanderings from MBK Training.
Inspirational Insights 34th Edition Christmas is fast approaching and we have had some cold days to remind us that it’s officially winter. Or maybe that the weather has been colluding with Russia (which it denied when asked).

Early Years looks set for some serious changes in the coming months and years. We heard from two prominent people, and they were both saying that the current system needs some changes, both to the EYFS and the inspection process. We are currently putting together some ideas as to what we think the changes might be, but as we have until 2020 we haven’t quite finished it just yet. While you can always see the news on our blog, we recommend you spend the time having a very Merry Christmas!

We have decorated the office, added snow to our website and even had our Christmas party already, so you can guess what we have been talking about this month!

Aside from the festivities, the most exciting part of November has been trying out some new training software, which says a lot about our month to be honest! We are working on two new products ready for 2018 but I can’t give details just yet!

We have spent more time than we care to admit talking about ratios this month, but we didn’t think that made particularly interesting reading. Instead I realised we wouldn’t have another insights before Christmas, so here are my favourite festive ideas from around the web…

presentsI love the ideas from this page, how simple to just let children wrap some ‘presents’! Not only is this exciting for them, it’s really testing their language and fine motor skills. I’m all about the food at Christmas, so building an igloo out of Marshmallows sounds pretty fun, here and here are some more complex food related shenanigans you could be having though.

And if you are really short of ideas and long on time, we have written lots and lots and lots of ideas on the subject in previous years that might just help you out.

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