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Inspirational Insights 38th Edition

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Of the many questions being asked about the GDPR changes, a couple stuck out to me:

Can we have children’s names on the wall with their artwork?
Can we have information about children (such as an allergy) on display for staff?

These questions are interesting, they err on the side of ridiculous – should we meet GDPR while making the setting less appealing and more dangerous for the children? In short, the answer is yes to both of these and here are the relevant bits of guidance:

‘Legitimate interests’ is using data in ways that people would reasonably expect and that have a minimal privacy impact. This is something you are allowed to do – and putting the child’s first name with their paintings (or on pegs) falls into this category. You could add a line to your registration document to notify parents, but I don’t believe this is needed.

You can rely on ‘lawful basis’ if you need to use personal data to comply with a common law or statutory obligation. Meaning that anything the EYFS requires does not need specific permission – you can check out the data that the EYFS requires on page 31-33.

You are able to rely on ‘vital interests’ as your basis for using data if you need the personal data to protect someone’s life. That means when it comes to allergies (and safeguarding, and accident forms) you’re OK to use the minimum amount of data to meet the need – a name, picture and allergy information is fine in the kitchen, but don’t put it somewhere that is visible to all parents for example.

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Basic Safeguarding: Child Protection
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Early Years Paediatric First Aid
Studley – Tue, 19th Jun – 6:00 pm-9:00 pm
Early Designated Safeguarding Lead Training
Studley – 28th & 29th Jun – 10:00-2:00 pm
Safeguarding in Practice
Studley – Tue, 17th Jul – 6:30 pm-8:30 pm
DSL Refresher Training
Studley – Wed, 25th Jul – 10:00 am-2:00 pm

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We have had a rather hectic half-term. We had to update our systems ready for GDPR, and however prepared you are in advance it still seems to sneak up on you!

We have also been involved in several training days and some big design work that we will be able to reveal to you soon.

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