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Inspirational Insights 39th Edition

inspirational insights 39th
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Inspirational Insights 39th
Hopefully, you’re aware that there are changes coming an EYFS near you in the next couple of years. Well, we have had our first look at the changes this month, with a selection of pilot schools being given the new EYFS ready for next year. You can see a copy here.

Obviously, this isn’t the final document but we can get an idea of the changes, plenty of them to look out for in the Early Learning Goals. My initial opinion is that the new ELGs look a lot more academic than the current version (more writing requirements, shapes swapped for number bonds to name but two). So, more academic pressure for schools and 5 year olds apparently.

I’ll be having a look through some of the other changes this month, you’ll be able to find that on our blog.

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I’d like to say that we’ve been enjoying the weather, but it’s a bit hot to be working if you ask me!

With the excitement of some football tournament or other building, we scoured the internet for some ideas for the next few days; here are our favourites…

self evaluation inin39

We’ve been spending a little bit too much time over the last couple of months discussing Self Evaluation. Most of this was sparked as we updated our training courses and products to fit in with Ofsted’s new expectations, but it also kept coming back to one important point:

“Knowing you’re not good makes you good”

I’ve been saying this for some time now, but it just got a whole lot more important. Without the SEF existing as it has done, it’ll be easy to overlook self evaluation. Yet it’s a huge part of demonstrating your improvement plans, and showing off your best bits; both things that Ofsted will be looking for.

Don’t let the change throw you, self evaluation is still as important as ever!

Inspirational Insights

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