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Inspirational Insights 4th Edition

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Welcome to Inspirational Insights – The monthly modicum of meanderings from MBK Training.
Inspirational Insights 4th Edition
  • Double free childcare entitlement to 30 hours.
  • Pledge to raise the rates in areas where costs outstrip the price paid (everywhere?).
  • Protection of funding only guaranteed for schools.
  • Expand free childcare to 25 hours for working parents.
  • Guarantee wrap around childcare for primary school children.
  • Raise the Early Years funding in line with inflation.
Liberal Democrats
  • Expand free childcare to 20 hours for children aged 2-4 and 15 hours for 9 month olds of working parents.
  • Ensure that by 2020 there is an EYT in every setting.
  • Protect the Early Years funding and increase EYPP from £300-£1000.
Inspiration of the Month:

We couldn’t help but notice that it will be National Children’s Day on the 17th May. They have a publication out that is jammed full of creative play ideas – our favourite is the pop-up village. (Any excuse to pick up materials from the resource centre and get the children to build!)
inspiration of the month
Need some creative play ideas to help you celebrate? Our Everyday Activity series of courses is aimed at giving new ideas – Maths and Science being the highlights of May.

Quantity or Quality?

The hot topic in Early Years this election seems to be just how much they will give away – not a bad prospect (if they have enough money to cover the cost!) But is quantity of time as important as quality of time? And can the quality keep up with the increased quantity? We think it can, but more money is needed to allow every child access to the best possible care. Now we just have to hope that whoever finds themselves in Number 10 actually listens…

Third Edition

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Ofsted’s new Common Inspection Framework on the horizon

ofstedAfter attending the Early Years consultation last week, we are awaiting the new inspection framework and how it will impact on practice. We will be at the announcement in June so stay tuned for all the information and sign up (if you haven’t already) to stay up to date.

Inspirational Insights 4th Edition

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