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Inspirational Insights 5th Edition

inspirational insights 5th
Welcome to Inspirational Insights – The monthly modicum of meanderings from MBK Training.
The Queen’s Speech
With the election already a distant memory we had the next 5 years worth of political changes laid out for us in the Queen’s Speech this week. And for Early Years the only mention we got was an increase in funded hours for 3 and 4 year olds. With 30 hours a week ahead of us, will the desperately needed review of funding happen?
Full story here
Fourth Edition

Missed last month’s insights? Click here to catch up with the latest on the common inspection framework, ideas for National Children’s Day and some now slightly out of date information about the election.

Child Safety Week – 1st-7th June

top tips The first week of June is an important one – Child Safety Week, organised by CAPT. Their site has resources and information galore to pass on to parents.
Check out our free Parent First Aid offer running for the whole week here.

Inspiration of the Month:

A lot more than one inspiration this month, but you will have to wait until the 25th!

We are holding a free event at Millennium House on the 25th-27th June that will be jam packed full of ideas. And not just any ideas – ideas that you can start using in your setting without spending a penny! (or at most very little)

Full details here, and a sneak preview of just a tiny part of what you can expect…

inspiration of the month

Kids of Summer
Children don’t have to start attending school until the term after they hit compulsory school age (5). But it is sometimes a difficult fight for parents to actually get what they want in this situation. Summer Borm Campaign have created a document to help practitioners with children that are going through this process. We also asked them about continuing the EYFS with children under 5 during the holidays.

Full story here.

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