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Inspirational Insights 6th Edition

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Welcome to Inspirational Insights – The monthly modicum of meanderings from MBK Training.
Funding, funding, funding…
A fast tracked ’30 hour’ childcare bill that was a bit vague, GCSE requirements causing recruitment issues, a funding review and our own campaign for fairer funding. It’s all been happening this month and despite the fact that quality early education can’t be achieved on the tiny amount of money in the sector at the moment, some of the changes look like they might be moving in the right direction!
Fourth Edition

Missed last month’s insights? Click here to catch up with the latest on what the Queen’s speech said about early years, CAPT safety week, the difficulties facing the parents of summer born children and a handful of other goodness.

The Common Inspection Framework

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Ofsted have released the new common inspection framework details; from September inspectors will be using this document. Not sure what all the changes are about? We can help, as our courses are updated to meet the new criteria and we will have a CIF event nearer the time.

Inspiration of the Month:

With some of the hottest weather ever recorded in the UK behind us we have to ask ‘was that summer or is there more to come?’
We’re hoping for more and therefore had a look round for some water wall inspiration. You can find our favourites here.
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Goodbye and Hello

With the school holidays fast approaching you may be starting to lose the oldest children in your setting. A tough time for all involved as those children move on the next important step of their education (and life). Or you might be gaining a fresh load of recruits for your afterschool club of course. Either way, don’t let settling in periods cause any problems!

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