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Inspirational Insights 8th Edition

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ms1Cheap Childcare or Expensive Education?

Or should that be Expensive Childcare or Cheap Education…
We’re not sure, but either way, the government needs to decide what they want after challenging us to deliver 30 hours of childcare without a hint of funding information. It seems they are hoping someone else will foot the bill for their 30 hours free childcare. We had a rant about that, and even made it into the paper, but the bottom line is this:

If the government wants people in work and quality education for young children, then fund it properly please.

Fourth Edition
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Are You What You Eat?

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The meals (and snacks) you provide for the children in your care might not be getting the attention they deserve…
Are you giving them too much? Too little? Enough of the good stuff? Are you spending the right amount in a week?
We don’t have all the answers but here is some food for thought (pun intended) from around the internet…
This study found that children at KS2 saw improvements in both academic achievement and attendance simply through eating a healthy school dinner!
These children too old? A good diet at age 1 has a positive effect on cognitive ability at age 17 according to this research. And another study suggests diet for the first two years may have an impact on IQ at age 8!
Maybe a rethink of those meals and snacks is in order then…

Inspiration of the Month:

Next year we will be producing a load of resources to help you make the most of your vegetable patch – no matter what the size.
But until then it’s not too late for this year – here are some suggestions of what you can still be planting. Our favourite it is a colourful bit of chard – ready for eating within two months and packed with goodness.
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