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Mental Health Awareness Month (May activities)

Mental healthThis month is known as Mental Health Awareness Month and the theme for this year is Relationships. Here in the office we have organised a social gathering where we can just relax and talk to each other – a morning to build relationships. In Summer we plan to follow up on this with a Fundraising Stall. So how could you implement this into your setting? The simple answer is to talk to parents. It’s all about relationships, that means with yourself and the parents along with the each other and the child. Raise awareness by just asking them how their day has been. You can find out more information on the official Mental Health Foundation website, here

The 16th May is Great British Fish and Chips Supper – mentallet the children get creative here! You could set your lunch menu to include fish and chips, but here are some other ideas that I thought were great! My favourite would have to be this Ocean Sensory Foam, it looks beautiful and you can include all sorts of ocean objects! The children will go crazy over this one! Another good idea I found on the same website was this Ocean in a Bottle. It includes a bit of science, but it’s easy and free (all ingredients can be found lying around your house).

National Family Week is 26th May until 2nd June – the perfect time to spend time with the children. Maybe hold an event where parents can spend the afternoon at your setting playing with their child. This would have a positive impact on their mental health and everyones relationships! If this isn’t possible – why not get the children to dig into their past – get them to fill out a family tree! 

About the author: Zoë Tolley

Zoe Tolley
Zoë is our Business Apprentice who aspires to go on to Business Management in the future. She originally studied Health and Social Care, but found Business to be the way forward. She is very customer orientated and manages to fit in being a Club Coordinator, for Breakfast and After School Club, she also brings a lot of energy and interesting new ideas to the office.


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