Nursery World North

We had a fantastic time at Nursery World North, and it was a brilliant opportunity to speak with a lot of new faces from all over the country (including Alice Sharp, pictured, of experiential play fame!).  These events are always tiring, as you spend all day on your feet, but it is so inspiring to see all the latest developments in Early Years and meet with the people driving it forward.  We kept our social media streams updated throughout the … [Read more...]

Inspirational Insights 27th Edition

Welcome to Inspirational Insights - The monthly modicum of meanderings from MBK Training. We are going to be biased this month and start with the big news: we have just left for Nursery World North! You can come to the show (for free) if you are in the Liverpool area Friday or Saturday and find us on stand number 52. Our trainer Matt is also going to be talking on Friday, at 2.15pm, about how 5 minute Peer Observations could … [Read more...]

Have you got your new Ofsted Logo yet?

Ofsted announced today that they have introduced a logo for GOOD providers alongside the existing one for Outstanding providers. About time I say and what a great idea! As a GOOD provider myself I have often felt a bit of 'logo envy' for those setting that are Outstanding - that is not to take anything away from them as it's a great achievement - but I still want to shout about being GOOD, as that means that I'm better than satisfactory (a grade … [Read more...]

Inspirational Insights 26th Edition

Welcome to Inspirational Insights - The monthly modicum of meanderings from MBK Training. The big news this month is that we have a launch date for the Tax Free Childcare Program (it starts on the 28th April by the way) and we linked up every relevant calculator and tool we could find. We're also being very careful to avoid using 'Free Childcare' (aside from the Tax Free Childcare of course) because it really isn't and the … [Read more...]

Are You Ready – for the EYFS 2017?

We’ve had a month to prepare and make changes for the new EYFS 2017 – so you can expect any inspection from today to incorporate those changes and expect them to be in place. Have you had a chance to read the new document and adapt your policies accordingly? If not then there has been some useful analysis done by the Pre-school Learning Alliance and the NDNA both of which inform you of what has changed. There has also been a Newsletter from … [Read more...]

Childcare Calculator and Provider Checker

The Government have named the date for formally launching the Tax Free Childcare Programme as 28th April and parents can now start to calculate their own eligibility for this and the 30 hours funded entitlement from the government website. It’s important for them to do this as, subject to what they claim at the moment in Employer Vouchers, Tax Credits or Childcare Tax Credits, they may not be better off with Tax Free Childcare and depending on … [Read more...]

LA Statutory Guidance for Early Education & Childcare – Where did our Funded Places go?

Well I’m not sure quite who, how or what happened but it seems as a sector we have made one step forward and been knocked several steps back. The LA Statutory Guidance for Early Education and Childcare  was released alongside the Model Agreement: Early years provision free of charge and free childcare at the end of last week. Notice THAT word there?  The four letter word I refuse to use in my literature – ‘it’s not free for me’ as those of you … [Read more...]

Inspirational Insights 25th Edition

Welcome to Inspirational Insights - The monthly modicum of meanderings from MBK Training. This month we were lucky enough to have the services of a guest blogger - Marie Smith, our resident expert on SEND children. Marie will also be running some SEND courses for us in the near future. In other news, the funding formula debacle keeps rolling on and leaving us both confused and concerned for the future. No doubt it will be fine, … [Read more...]

How do children with SEND develop? Part 2

This is the second part of a guest blog by Marie Smith. Click here for the first part. Or you can view her courses, Developing a SEND Friendly Environment and Supporting Children with SEND. I finished last time by encouraging staff to look at the specific area of difficulty for each individual child... Once you have a handle on where a child is functioning, then track back to the appropriate developmental stage and start to choose small … [Read more...]

Have we been sold a funding EYNFF pup?

By now many of you will have undertaken some sort of consultation with your LA’s on what it seems will now be 150 different funding formulas.  So much for the Government setting an EYNFF.  What was the point?  Was the whole thing just a mere distraction for the whole sector whilst all they did was juggle around the money to suit their own ends? I can’t help but think this is the case – as I said some 18 months ago, if you take all the money and … [Read more...]