How does training benefit me? Part 2

Last week we had a look at the benefits of training from the point of view of a nursery owner or manager.  Today I'm taking a look at why practitioners should be a lot more excited about their next training course than they think (maybe). As a practitioner it can feel  like you get sent on training rather than choosing to be there, but that shouldn't make you less keen to go.  That small amount of time given up could have a huge impact on your … [Read more...]

How does training benefit me? Part 1

Having wandered around Childcare Expo Midlands 2018 something hit me: there is a lot of different things to spend our small amount of money on in Early Years.  Which got me thinking, why should we expect you to spend your money on training? Because it's the best option of course!  But don't take my word for it, over the next two weeks I'll be taking a look at the reasons from two directions, that of the owner/manager and that of the … [Read more...]

Risky Business: How do children manage risks?

We asked Esther Gray, our resident Ofsted expert, 'How should we be supporting children to manage risks in our settings?'  Here is what she said... Firstly - teach children to “Speak Out and Stay Safe”. It is abundantly clear that empowering every child to he heard is vital.  But, how can children manage risks if they don’t recognise the risk? You have a paramount responsibility to keep children in a safe and secure environment. Safety is … [Read more...]

Direction of Travel – ELG’s

I realise that we are not all seated in the same vehicle. There are many different sizes and shapes, let alone colours. I have been quick to highlight anything that might be on the horizon when uttered by Amanda Spielman, even if it relates to school more than to Early Years. I have been of the opinion that,"The common inspection framework" is a key to the direction of travel, in which every vehicle you are travelling in is moving. So, … [Read more...]

Inspirational Insights 39th Edition

Welcome to Inspirational Insights - The monthly modicum of meanderings from MBK Training. Hopefully, you're aware that there are changes coming an EYFS near you in the next couple of years. Well, we have had our first look at the changes this month, with a selection of pilot schools being given the new EYFS ready for next year. You can see a copy here. Obviously, this isn't the final document but we can get an idea of the changes, … [Read more...]