MBK Primary STEM Training Courses

STEM Courses

We offer a range of courses aimed at helping staff deliver meaningful STEM based lessons. Research has found that STEM subjects have three benefits to children while they are still at primary school:

  • helping them understand the world around them, satisfying and stimulating curiosity as well as helping them make personal choices affecting their health and wellbeing.
  • developing learning skills that they will use throughout the curriculum and throughout their life.
  • developing an attitude towards the use of evidence to make decisions as informed citizens, and the use of evidence selectively to support their arguments.

Starting at primary level is an important factor, afterall children start making their assumptions about the world from a very young age. Not only are these skills beneficial across the curriculum, in a world of technology and information at their fingertips, we need to make sure that tomorrow’s adults are capable of making informed decisions and handling evidence. Otherwise, we will get an entire generation that accepts whatever they read on the internet, a scary thought indeed!

We offer a wide range of STEM courses that are suitable for both science leads and teachers of all year groups. We aim to make all CPD courses as interactive and packed full of ideas as possible and they are all based around practical, working solutions that have real impact on the lessons.

Our range of STEM courses

So you can get started as early as possible and provide STEM subjects thoughout school, we also offer a range of courses for the Early Years provision and Out of School and Science Clubs that run in many schools.

Read our Training FAQs section for useful information on our venue facilities, how to book, payment options, parking and much more.

All our STEM Courses can be easily customised to your requirements if they are not quite right. To find out more about how Primary Practicals can help your setting with their early years training requirements please call us on 01527 452430.