SEND Consultancy

SEND Consultancy Special Educational Needs Consultancy Special Educational Needs Consultancy work is carried out by Marie Smith.

Marie is an experienced SEND specialist who has worked within Early Years for a significant part of her teaching career. She is able to offer high quality consultancy work within settings designed to support all staff in developing their knowledge of and ability to work with children with special needs and disabilities. Marie’s goal is to develop the capacity of whole settings in supporting the needs of all children and to ensure that children with SEND make good or better progress and close the gap on those who are developing typically.

We offer a range of Special Educational Needs Consultancy services:

1:1 observations and support for children within settings with special educational needs, disabilities, challenging behaviour or medical needs:

We will complete a detailed observation within setting giving staff advice and strategies that can be put in place to support the child. We are able to help staff to put the strategies in place, model them to staff and help with any problem solving. Following a visit staff will receive a full visit record and any resources needed. These visits can be followed up as often as needed until progress has been made, meaning that by the time a piece of work is completed all staff are confident and able to work independently.

Modelling and coaching:

We are able to support staff on the ground in setting up and implementing new programmes and resources as well as working with staff to model new techniques and strategies. This work allows staff to receive 1:1 or small group support over a number of sessions giving them the skills to carry on the work in the future and train other staff where needed. This is a great way to build capacity!!


MBK Training are able to support settings in auditing their environment and practise to make sure that its best it can be for all children whatever their needs. We will complete a detailed audit alongside setting staff if appropriate and offer practical advice on developments that can be made. We will then support staff to put in place any changes and model good practise. MBK Training is experienced in completing a variety of audits including the sensory, physical, outdoor and visual environment and developing practise for staff working with children with SEND. This work has been very positively viewed by Ofsted as it shows a settings focus on self improvement.

Creating early language, social skills and sensory groups:

We will work together with staff to develop groups that support children with particular needs. We will support staff to identify children who would benefit from support, set up and resource the group as well as teach staff to keep records. Over a series of weeks we will move from leading the groups, to coaching staff whilst they lead and eventually being only a listening ear to answer staff questions. This is a great way of having a big impact on the progress of a group of children and gives staff the skills to run the group whenever needed.