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Spending Review – changes afoot?

spending review imageAre there changes afoot in the Spending Review? Today we had another email from Early Implementers, the last one prior to the closing on 20th November of the ‘competitive’ process to join the pilot for 30 hours. These emails update all the questions that have been asked by various people who want clarification. It seems there is £13 million reserved for the pilot, translate this into an hourly rate somewhere south of £5 and you end up with around 5000 children – it’s not many is it? Some of the questions relate to how you, as a provider, could become involved if your Local Authority wasn’t involved. I’m not sure how this would work but they are suggesting that you could work with a different Local Authority if you were close to their area! Food for thought for some of you maybe?

It seems also though that if the LA is taking part in the scheme, they can’t just offer it out to a part of their geographical area (without some major justification) – it has to be equal access for all parents. That seems to be a bit of a tall order for any Local Authority – unless they find some way to bring pressure on their providers to take part. Watch this space on that one…  The most interesting sentence in the document for me though was this in respect to the funding review:

The findings from the review will feed directly into the Spending Review, which will report on 25 November. This is where decisions about future funding rates will be made.

So does this mean we can expect a direct link from Central Government to our funding rates year on year? Might this give us some marginal inflation protection? And I wonder how this will impact and translate on the LA rates we are all being given at the moment. Not long to go before we all find out these answers, but its interesting to read between some of these lines….

About the author: Tricia Wellings

Tricia Wellings EYNFF Early Years National Funding Formula Analysis
Tricia qualified as an NNEB and achieved a BA (Hons) in Early Education Studies and Early Years Teacher Status. She obtained her PTLLS and CTTLS in order to teach adults and most recently her A1 assessors award. She has run a group of day nurseries for 18 years and trains her own teams.

Her passion for and knowledge of owning and running a nursery group and the issues within the sector that affect them is second to none. She continues to keep herself updated through regular meetings with PVI groups, Local Authorities, Ofsted Big Conversation and Conferences.

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