Where did your Calendar Resource go?

Remember our Calendar and Activity Resource that we used to release on a monthly basis? We have decided to bring it back - however, we will now be publishing it on our sister company's website Foundation Focus - don't worry it's still free to download! We want this resource to be the best it can be so that when it comes to planning your monthly activities it is as easy and stress-free as possible. We are planning to publish the whole … [Read more...]

Mental Health Awareness Month (May activities)

This month is known as Mental Health Awareness Month and the theme for this year is Relationships. Here in the office we have organised a social gathering where we can just relax and talk to each other - a morning to build relationships. In Summer we plan to follow up on this with a Fundraising Stall. So how could you implement this into your setting? The simple answer is to talk to parents. It’s all about relationships, that means with yourself … [Read more...]

Everyday Explorers – Early Years Science

This Everyday Explorers - Science in Early Years course is designed to bring Science and Maths into Early Years settings. Do you have staff that lack confidence in Science or scientific thinking? Do your staff know what Science looks like in Early Years and how to include it everyday? Everyday Explorers is one of our courses designed to bring science into Early Years settings. Our skilled trainers will demonstrate how and importantly why … [Read more...]