The Sensory Toolbox – Supporting the sensory needs of children to make them happier and more confident learners

A fascinating course designed to teach participants about the key role the senses play in all aspects of children’s development. Participants will learn about how the sensory system works and how the individual senses impact on children’s ability to function in settings. They will understand the link between sensory needs and challenging behaviour and be able to identify ‘sensory overload’ in children. Participants will gain a ‘toolbox’ of … [Read more...]

Successful Partnerships = Successful Development. Working together with parents and carers to identify and support children with SEND

This course is designed to support practitioners in understanding the development patterns of children with SEND. Practitioners will learn how to track the development of children with SEND, finding the gaps and how to fill them by scaffolding learning. The course also supports practitioners in having conversations with parents and carers about children’s development and helps them to understand how to have ‘difficult conversations’ and how these … [Read more...]

Understanding the learning profile of children with Downs Syndrome

This course is designed to give practitioners an overview of Downs Syndrome. Practitioners will learn about the strengths and areas of need in the learning profile of children with Downs Syndrome and how these can be harnessed to support development. Practitioners will learn strategies for teaching children with Downs Syndrome early skills and how to promote their social and emotional development. This course is All practitioners wanting to … [Read more...]

Have fun with language – Practical ways to support children with speech and language difficulties within settings

A practical and interactive course designed to show practitioners how to use existing equipment, resources and activities to support and promote the development of speech and language in children with SEND. The session will cover the links between delayed speech and language and SEND, how and why they co-exist. It will also look closely at promoting speech and language development within all parts of the routine from free-flow to snack time and … [Read more...]

The A-Z of practical ways to support children with social and communication needs to be independent learners

This practical and interactive course is designed to give practitioners ways to support the development and inclusion of children with social and communication difficulties. It will show staff how to use structure and routine, visual support and alternative communication to support the development of children with a range of conditions and needs. Practitioners will learn how to use strategies such as Objects of Reference, Visual Support, … [Read more...]

Understanding and supporting the behaviour needs of complex and ‘hard to reach’ children!

This course is a tailored session designed to build on staff knowledge, empathy and understanding of children presenting with challenging or ‘complex behaviours’ falling under the umbrella of autism spectrum including ADHD, Sensory Processing Disorder, Pathological Demand Avoidance, Oppositional Defiance Disorder and undiagnosed emotional and behavioural difficulties. Focuses on de-escalation techniques. Considers why traditional Behaviour … [Read more...]

Supporting children with SEND strategies and resources – A best practice model

A practical and interactive course to help practitioners understanding of how best to support children with special educational needs and disabilities within their setting. The course will use best practise models to show participants practical and straight forward strategies for supporting children with SEND, promoting their development and providing for their individual needs. During the session practitioners will learn how to use the resources … [Read more...]

Developing a SEND friendly environment

This course is designed to show how to develop a SEND friendly environment to offer high quality support to children with SEND. This course aims to give a range of practical strategies that can be used to develop the indoors and outdoors so that it supports all children including those with speech and language difficulties, sensory needs, developmental delay, challenging behaviour, autism spectrum, anxiety and physical difficulties. Participants … [Read more...]