First Aid at Work Training

This First Aid at Work training course is aimed at all workplaces in order to meet the First Aid requirements as set out by the HSE, it leads to obtaining a current First Aid at Work qualification. Our popular First Aid training course will ensure your workplace stays compliant with the HSE guidance that adequate and appropriate equipment, facilities and personnel are present to ensure your employees receive immediate attention if they are … [Read more...]

Early Years Paediatric First Aid Training

This Early Years Paediatric First Aid training course is aimed at all Early Years practitioners who are looking to obtain a current paediatric first aid qualification. Our popular Early Years Paediatric First Aid training course will ensure your setting stays compliant with the Early Years Foundation Stage requirement that at least one person who has a current paediatric first aid certificate must be on the premises at all times when children … [Read more...]

Water Play in enabling environments

Well, the hot weather got everyone here thinking of fun ways to keep the children cool and top of everyone's list was water play (of course). We had fun building our own water walls for our enabling environments event, so we are pretty sure you will too. It's just having the ideas... Water play is a fantastic opportunity to include many aspects of the EYFS in an activity that children find engaging (and helps keep them cool), just remember to … [Read more...]

Enabling Environments on a Shoestring

Our enabling environments event was a huge success and we had a huge amount of fun setting up our training room with loads of nursery activities. It was really good to see a whole host of people from locals nurseries keen to get some new ideas.  We also know there were at least a few people who were unable to make it on the day(s) so here are just some of the many activities we had set up.  Don't hesitate to contact Matt (@MBK_Matt) on 01527 … [Read more...]

Building Occupancy for Profit

The Building Occupancy for Profit course is aimed at nursery owners and managers who would like to enhance their current business with new and innovative ideas to increase their occupancy and profitability. Some of the best ideas are the simple ones and far too often we do not sing our own praises. This course will help you identify and shout about your special features to improve your business. Building Occupancy for Profit. Building a good … [Read more...]