Your Training Manager – the Outstanding Training Package

training packagesAt MBK Training we know how hard it is to source and pay for good quality training. As an early years specialist training company we have built up a reputation based on our training delivery of good quality, up-to-date and inspirational training. We are ready to take this one step further and we are now working with early years settings, out of school clubs and their staff with training packages in order to support their building an exceptional team, that is empowered and always ready to tackle the challenges of their job in early years.  

What’s so special about a Training Package with MBK?

This is a unique programme that will involve us working with you as your primary CPD Training Provider.

We will

  • talk with you about your overall aims and objectives
  • review and respond to your immediate improvement priorities
  • work with you to implement any changes you require
  • Locate and deliver training on any specific topic you wish
  • monitor and track your training, including producing reports as required

It’s fun, it’s flexible and most importantly – it’s the right consistency for you!

How will you monitor, track and report on staff progress?

Once you have provided us with your staff’s information we will then be able to track all the training they undertake with us. We will also add in other training undertaken elsewhere for a small fee. This then allows us to remind you when they will be due for re-training in the statutory courses. This will also allow us to produce reports on individual staff, individual settings and individual courses. This, therefore, gives you complete control over your future training needs.

What will this Training Package cost?

We have developed a unique offering which allows you to decide how many and of which type, of course, you might like as part of the package. Use this calculator to ascertain the potential cost based on your settings needs.