Workplace Safeguarding Support Session

Safeguarding Support We are now able to offer headteachers, principals and designated safeguarding lead within schools and colleges a workplace safeguarding support session. This will provide the management team of the setting with an objective assessment of the quality of their safeguarding arrangements. This together with practical advice on the opportunities available to develop their position.

Workplace Safeguarding Support

We will provide a short report on the effectiveness of the arrangements for the management of safeguarding within the setting, as set out within the Department of Education’s statutory guidance ‘Keeping Children Safe in Education’ (2019). Specifically, this report will cover;

  • The appropriateness of the setting’s safeguarding policies and procedures, and the relevance of their content.
  • Induction and recruitment processes.
  • The arrangements for the provision of the appropriate designated safeguarding lead support for the setting.
  • The compatibility of the setting’s safeguarding arrangements with their own local authority and local safeguarding children board procedures.
  • Safeguarding training/update arrangements for staff.

The report will highlight any areas that may need immediate attention, and where procedures, information or staff knowledge may need updating.

The safeguarding support session consists of a half-day visit to the setting. This provides a great opportunity to have safeguarding arrangements reviewed by a fellow practitioner who has extensive experience in safeguarding, management and conducting peer reviews.

How to arrange a Workplace Safeguarding Support Session

Arrangements will be made with the enquirer on an individual basis following contact with MBK as to a convenient time and any specific requirements of the visit.

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