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Chinese New Year, Year of the Monkey

We are less than a week away from the Chinese New Year, 15-days full of celebration. As you are preparing to say goodbye to the sheep and hello to the monkey, why not get involved with some of these creative activities; you might just learn a thing or two.

Chinese MonkeyThe first idea is one that I am in love with – sensory play. Here is where you can find out a sensory activity to get the children to start exploring the colours and culture. The best thing I’ve found about this dough, is that it lasts for months (as long as you wrap it up tight!). You could adapt the idea to use for difference occasions – Valentines Day, St David’s Day; if you want to adapt by using a different colour why not go green for St Patrick’s Day next month, or blue for World Water Day.

Building on children’s knowledge of other cultures, here’s a fun way to teach them Chinese numbers. This may be aimed more at the Out of School Club children, but the younger children can still practice making marks in the salt tray, along with hearing the Chinese numbers.

Wanting some familiarity? Chinese Lanterns. They’re great to make every year and the children love to design their own.

This next idea is bound to get the children excited. Remember, it’s the year of the Monkey, but these snake crafts are too cute not to share! The vibrant colours, the wiggly bodies, the easy steps – a winner all round.

You’ve got your creations, who’s feeling hungry? Fortune Cookies taste delicious, and look very tricky to make – but how hard can it be? Get the children to write their own messages to put inside!

Chinese new yearCelebrate in style – have a feast! This website gives you lots of ideas for what to prepare, you could even pop your fortune cookies on the table. Put the children’s creations on the table, make it look festive and away you go! Exploring another culture.

None of these suggestions interesting you? Here’s a few more ideas.

Chinese New Year is all about family reunion, so even if you do not create any models, or bake any food; spending time with loved ones is what counts.

About the author: Zoë Tolley

Zoe Tolley
Zoë is a recent addition to our team as a Business Apprentice who aspires to go on to Business Management in the future. She also manages to fit in being a Playworker, for Breakfast and After School Club, and therefore brings a lot of energy and interesting new ideas to the office.

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